Paolo Agliardi

Paolo Agliardi was born in Milan in 1945. He graduated from the Milan Polytechnic with Arch. Marco Zanuso with a thesis on “Contributions and experiences in the field of building industrialization”. He has formative experiences in various firms in Italy and abroad. In 1971, he opened the Milan Architecture Studio with Antonio Zanuso. In 1974 he founded Studio Paolo Agliardi and in 2010 he created STUDIOAGLIARDI. Member of the Order of Architects of Milan since 1973. In the seventies and eighties, his design projects are exhibited in London and Ljubljana. Numerous creations are published in Italian and foreign magazines and included in architecture editions. In the nineties he is a professor of design at the Higher Institute of Architecture and Design. Contemporary art connoisseur since 1970. In 2003 he founded and directed “Artegiovane Milano”. In NewYork he coordinates several scholarships for young Italian artists. He is the co-founder of the “Contemporary”, “Acacia”, “Barriera” associations and member of the board of “Artroom 21”. In 2010, with Massimo Buffetti, he founded “CAP” (Contemporary Art Projects), an incubator of art projects and support for young emerging artists, a precious and current point of reference. He is a member of the jury in several Awards related to Contemporary Art. Until 2010 he was a consultant to the Milan Chamber of Commerce on various initiatives related to Contemporary Art. Due to his specific knowledge, he deals with the “space / art / collections” relationship in the design and construction of places dedicated to art: residences, offices and commercial spaces.

Gaia Tornabene

Gaia Tornabene was born in Milan in 1976. She graduated in Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic in 2004, has been enrolled in the professional register of Architects of Monza since 2007 and in the register of expert witnesses of the Court of Milan since 2011. From 2005 to 2008 he gained important professional experience at the DOBP architects studio, enriching his training in various areas from the development of strategic projects for the city of Milan such as the Provincial Center of Excellence to experimentation to create a temporary restaurant. This latest design meeting gave birth to his passion for tailor-made design. Since 2010 he has collaborated with STUDIOAGLIARDI dealing mainly with residential projects and offering a vertical approach with his modus operandi from the general proposal to the executive detail. His design research is not oriented to a simple spatial composition but rather to the creation of new possibilities of living with an aptitude for beauty.

Benedetta Severi
Paolo Pettenuzzo

Benedetta Severi

Benedetta Severi was born in Turin in 1980. After graduating in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin, in 2005 he moved to Milan to collaborate with the Anna Giorgi and Partners studio and deals with urban and territorial planning, recovery and transformation of the existing building heritage. In 2007 he began his professional activity on private commission. In 2014 she collaborated with studio Locatelli Partners and, soon after, became partner and co-founder of Projects in Common. From 2020 he collaborates with STUDIOAGLIARDI for residential and interior design projects.

Paolo Pettenuzzo

Paolo Pettenuzzo was born in Varese 1972. He graduated from the Milan Polytechnic in Civil Engineering in 1997 and has been a member of the Varese Order of Engineers since 1998. From 1999 to 2006 he worked at the company Guffanti Gestione Appalti SpA, gaining great experience on the construction site. Since 2006 he has been working as a freelancer in the context of the recovery and enhancement of existing assets. Since 2017 he has been collaborating with STUDIOAGLIARDI for residential projects. The areas of expertise are energy requalification, rehabilitation and structural consolidation (sector in which in 2020 it obtained the CERTIng Advanced certification).

Lo studio

STUDIOAGLIARDI was born in Milan in 2010 from the collaboration between Paolo Agliardi and Gaia Tornabene, architects, a synthesis between experience and innovation. It is a multidisciplinary reality that operates in the fields of architecture, engineering, urban planning and interior design.The firm offers assistance and consultancy on: URBAN PLANNING AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN _ masterplan and urban design _ real estate development strategy _ integrated intervention programs _ implementation plans CONCEPT and PROJECT IDEATION _ preliminary settlement feasibility studies_ urban redevelopment and regeneration ARCHITECTURE _ preliminary design, final to executive _ building practices _ calculations, estimates and price analysis _ safety coordination _ cadastral practices INTERIOR DESIGN _ concept and conception _ interior architecture and design _ custom furniture design WORK MANAGEMENT _ architectural _ art _ accounting and settlement CONSULTING _ ctp for legal disputes _ energy certifications _ technical-administrative assistance

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